This way to The Bahamas?

Weitblick vom Gifel des Pilatus
The way to the sun: Up!

As winter arrives in Switzerland fog fills the valleys. Like in most parts of the world it covers towns and villages to tint them in pale colors. But here people have a way to get to the sun: going up.

This way „up“ is an ascending slope climbing 40-50 percent. The comfort of the worlds steepst cog railroad puts us in less then one hour 2132 Meters (6995 feet) above sea level. The unexpected for the unprepared was walking around, climbing stairs and following pathways. The air in this altitude is about 20 percent thinner than it is at sea level. My body, after years at the oceans surface, was not used to this. – Every step was harder than usual and the resulting dizziness sometimes was worse… I am still sure this white around must have been a special kind of coral sand and just a few steps beyond there where palm trees…


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