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  • Podcast – Cosmic Dancer (Segelradio 8)

    Podcast – Cosmic Dancer (Segelradio 8)

    Another english segelradio episode went online. This time I talk to Clive Woodman who sailed his Boat Cosmic Dancer to the US Great Lakes  Greenland only to rush back from there to Greenland. There his boat became home for a team of adventurous explorers trying to climb some previously unclimbed mountains. A run against time…

  • Looks like I will stay one more day

    Next life I have a boat with a wheelhouse. – This time it looks like I will stay below and watch rain and thunder from the inside of my boat, baking pancackes…

  • Moonlight Sail

    A few views from Little Traverse Sailors Moonlight Sail last Tuesday. A very good way of introducing night sailing to the younges sailors.

  • Chicago Rates

    Compared to mooring in New York dockage in Chicago is at a premium: 107 Dollar per Day will be normal for Paulinchen.

  • Presentation in Little Current on Jun 12th

    I will give a speach about my cruise at Little Current Yacht Club on Jun 12, 2012

  • Imagination of remoteness

    Snug Harbour, North Channel, Canada. – What eles can make one more sad then finding an imagination meeting reallity? Since beeing a little kid I always dreamed about the remote wilderness of Canada. I imagined myself an explorer, sometimes a bush pilot or whatever. I was hunting on adventures through endless woods over hills and…

  • Moving on

    Heading on towards North Channel I stopped in Wingfild Basin again. what a change after busy days in Owen Sound, car traffic and a way too expansive trip to Toronto. For the second time what was supposed to be an overnioght stop might turn into one or two days; gusty winds and storms. This time…

  • Wilderness next door

    At the northern tip of Bruce Peninsula a little natural harbour offeres the perfect scene to wait a few stormy days.

  • Speech at Kincardine

    Hinnerk Weiler, journalist and sailor from germany giving insights in a cruisers live and his travels from Europe to Canada

  • Gaining confidence

    A bad moment turnes into a good memory. About six month after Paulinchen stopped in LaSalle we are ready for Georgian Bay and North Channel in Summer 2012.

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