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Screenshot von www.segelradio.de die Podcastseite rund ums Segeln
Screenshot www.segelradio.de

As some might have seen on my german Website and in Facebook I startet a new Web project last week. The „Segelradio“ wich is directly best translated into „sailradio“. It is an idea to create a platform for podcasts about sailing. Besides the content I pruduce the main concept is that others who are interested in joining this idea can put their own podcasts here and together we build a variety of formats and topics about sailing i different „podcasts“. As it is my passion cruising is my focus in that program. But I am sure to find some people beeing more into different topics like racing, boatbuilding or whatever else settles around sailing, travelling and sailors.

The program I have in mind for myself involves meeting with other sailors to talk about passions, favours an technics. I will try to point out, how and what sailing is like along the very different parts of the world I travel. As challenges change between the Swiss Zurichlake and the Caribbean to the Detroit River also the beauty of sailing never is the same. Finally the most interesting part will be meeting people. Ever since I started I have met interesting people with amazing stories and fascinating characters. Sailors on short and long vaccations who share their stories from sailing essentials, over the day to day life on a boat, the worst customs procedures they ever encountered or the finest fish catched ever… On segelradio.de I am going to talk with these people and share their fascinating stories… Sailors contributeing to this project are aways welcome. If it is along the route for a chat and a glas of wine or via Skype over the internet. As it is the nature of these „talk show“ like podcasts I will do them in english where my guests are english talking people and german if you prefer to speak german.

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