Chicago Rates

MS FS III Screenshot showing a Learjet at Meigs airfield
Meigs airfield is unfortunately became a park a few years ago. But somehow it will still be amazing to "compare" the skyline of Chicago

Pulling into Chicago has always been a very clear image I had in mind while doing this trip. Basicly because I have seen the city so many times from beeing a kid wasting hours and days with the Microsoft Flight Simmulator. (To those who care: I aired the first Cessna out of Meigs Airfield using FSIII). And somehow flying into O’hare and over Chicago and Lake Michigan has always been  way cooler then approaching JKF at New York City for example.

In reality Chicago also must be way way cooler than New York City. As far as I remember, the mooring ball five minutes by dinghi and some more five minutes to walk from Broadway to be at somewhat around $140 per week.- quite some money for a long term cruise.

But Al Capone’s relatives know better how to take care of tourists: „We don’t want transients to walk through the city and have a hard time spending all their money. So we rip it off their pockets right at the entrance! How smart is that? – We make a mooring ball $2,35 per feet add  $4,50 per person to use the tender service (alternativly let them use their own dingi at a seasonal flat for $ 115 ) then we add 7% tax and again add 25% non resident surcharge.

That comes for a medium size 31′ sailboat to a total of $107 PER DAY !! We charge that money and than we can improve the infrastructure by putting some more plastic cans attached to a concret block in waters where boaters without that debries service would just drop their anchor. – how smart sick is that?

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