Gaining confidence

Stocking up Provistion to get Paulinchen in Travel mode for Canadas rural areas in the North Channel
Provisioning for rural areas in Canadas North Channel

When I came into LaSalle last fall it was not for a visit. I was forced to stop where I was about to fly by at night. None of the people here might have noticed the german boat motoring up the river in sunset. Maybe I would have send out a position report using the shortwave radio when I passed Fighting Island and some of those reading this website might have seen the name „LaSalle“ next to it until the next report drags their attention away.

But I had to stop. The engine broke, the voyage came to a stop. I thought this would be for a few weeks, then, facing the fact that I was looking on what would become full rebuild, it turned out taht I was facing the end of the adventure. Gus, who always welcomed me with a „Guten Tag, wie geht‘s“ in his english accent, put it in the plain logical way: It is a technical device so it is supposed to failure. But I was not prepared to have that happen.

Today this was more than half a year ago. I somehow managed with help from old and new friends to continue. Paulinchen is back in water, the engine is fixed, the boat and it‘s skipper look ahead north along the Detroit River on which the voyage is about to continue.

Infoflyer for Presentation at LaSalle Mariners
Saying Goodbye. – On May 12th there will be a Presentation on how I got to LaSalle at LMYC Clubhouse

Leaving LaSalle will be in daylight next sunday. I will motor up the River towards Lake Huron making a stop in South Port and Sarnia. Those who followed the trip have read way more about LaSalle, than just a Name next to the Google Maps marker. And I have learned way more about a small town in Ontario than I ever thought.

Looking back on why I came, being depressed and almost admitting defeat. Having to leave now became not less regretful. I have my dream ahead which keeps me going. But I will not forget on how open hearted I have been welcomed and supported while being here. LaSalle for me has way more names than the one on the Map. To mention only a few: Ben, Christine, Tiny, Mark, Rob, Katie, John, Paul, Bob, Tim, Andy, José…

They all took part in teaching me a lesson I learned on this very special place: No matter what reason put you somewhere make sure you will miss the people there when you have to move on. The worst situation ever has turned into a very good memory.

Presentations ahead:

„A Voyage from Europe to Canada“ – Sat. May 12th at LaSalle Mariners Yacht Club and May 17th at South Port Sailing Club. These are Club events. If you are interested but not a member to these clubs please send me a mail so I can request persmission by the club.

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