Schlagwort: Canada

  • Wilderness next door

    At the northern tip of Bruce Peninsula a little natural harbour offeres the perfect scene to wait a few stormy days.

  • Gaining confidence

    A bad moment turnes into a good memory. About six month after Paulinchen stopped in LaSalle we are ready for Georgian Bay and North Channel in Summer 2012.

  • Indian summer

    LaSalle, Ontario, Canada. – Leaving Germany I had an outline for my voyage. And along the trip whenever I was asked where I come from and how I got there I was also asked where I am going to. Last time this happened speaking to a fifth grade in Amhersburg public school. Preparing my presentation…

  • Another blog in the blog

    Port Dalhousie, Ontario, Canada. – As I have made my way into the Atlantic ocean and headed towards the Canadian shoreline last year I wanted to offer a chance for people to look up a little information about my voyage. My first approach was simply an „English version“ of the main website to tell you…

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