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Fireworks on Canada Day in Port Dalhousie
Fireworks on Canada Day in Port Dalhousie on Lake Ontario (July 1st). If you will ever be around here it's the most friendly marina I have docked on Lake Ontario so far. And don't miss the coffee each morning in the marina office!

Port Dalhousie, Ontario, Canada. – As I have made my way into the Atlantic ocean and headed towards the Canadian shoreline last year I wanted to offer a chance for people to look up a little information about my voyage. My first approach was simply an „English version“ of the main website to tell you about my route, my plans and a little of what drives this 35 year old guy to cross the pond in a nutshell instead of taking a plane like everybody else would do.

This worked well for a while but as I can see now on the website statistics there is a slowly but steady growing audience of people accessing this brief description. I guess most of you are other boaters and friends who I met along the way. And each time I meet new people I got asked: „Do you write about the trip?“

It always causes a little pain around my stomach to answer „yes, but it‘s written in German“ because I know some of you brave readers had the patience to work yourself trough Google translations. To be honest that was hard in both ways: Hard for you and hard for me. You had to find out at least what I am writing about and I had to see what this translation made out of my well chosen words.

Paulinchen on the hard in Port Dalhousie marina
A new color: Now the lady wears her litte black dress

Now, beeing in Canada on Lake Ontario heading along the Great Lakes deeper and deeper into the continent it is time for a change and to make this blog more readable to you. From now on I start writing articles in both, English and German language. However the most of them will remain in German but I have the strong will to keep you updated at least monthly to tell ou where I am and what has happened along the way. And there are some specials I have in mind of wich I don’t want to tell too much by now.

But like so often in a sailors life it is: One problem solved means one problem caused. – Now it is me and not Google choosing more or less accurate words. That, as the good news, will put some clarity on what I want to say. The bad part in it again is on your part: Now you have to deal with my misspellings. However – You can go back to Google translate if you prefer.

RSSFor those nerds among you: If you use a Feedreader on your iPad, phone or computer to stay updated on new Posts please point it to and not (!!) to the main RSS-Feed this site offers. The general feed will be strict German articles and does not show any English posts. You can also subscribe to the English version of my Newsletter to receive a bimonthly e-mail sum up of new articles.

I hope you will enjoy the articles,

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